How to compare  & save master data after cifing

1.if i  want to compare /check & save the exact no. of master data in apo which i  have transfer from r/3 to apo what is the transaction used in apo?how can i compare this two ? what exactly transfer
in R/3 we do it easily,what is the option in apo?
2.for resource its very difficult to check as the R/3 work centre & apo resource nomenclature are different? how i can check & save?
for eg. WAG-5_1000_001 in apo which is  AG-5  in R/3
waiting for your response.GURUS


Dear Ved,
As there is no Such Transaction for Comparing...only u can compare through Logs.....The solution is u have to write a ABAP Program to Compare R/3 and APO.
Following are the only Transaction related to SAP-SCM- CIF are,
migt be this will help u
Rajesh Patil