How to change sorting in column view in Maverick

I understand how to change the view and then "arrange by".  In my columns, they list from oldest to newest.  I don't see how to reverse that.  I want newest on top.  Also, how do I set the column width to what I want and save for all?  I can adjust the column width, but it defautlts back to the narrow setting shortly after.


Excuse me my English. It is not my problem.
I need to ensure this thing:
When user click on any head of column in output table (table view) it must not call any event. All data must stay on same rows.
Example. A have table:
Col1        Col2
B           20
A           30
T           10
D           60
If I click on first head of column data will be sorted:
Col1        Col2
A           30
B           20
D           60
T           10
But if hierachy or structure are in first column rows cannot be changed.

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