How to calculate  revenue vs taget in obiee11g (running every day)

hallo masters,
i have problem,
i have target in 1 year (january until dec) e.g 1000
and then there is revenue every day that calculate until reach 1 year
how can i calculate revenue vs target current day (i only have 1 year target, not target daily or monthly)
and how i can calculate persentage of revenue based on target
revenue 1jan2013 until 25march2013 | target 1jan2013 until 25march2013 | %target | % revenue base on target
and i need to know if % revenue less than target, then mark red
and that calculate every year (runnig revenue and running target)
please help mee
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whether this KPI can change every day base on target and revenue?
because we need running target, it means that target every day increase
target 1jan2012: target 1 year /356
target upto 2jan2012: (target 1 year /356)*2
target upto 3jan2012: (target 1 year /356)*3
target upto 4jan2012: (target 1 year /356)*4
revenue 1jan2012: a1
revenue upto 2jan2012: a1+a2
revenue upto 3jan2012: a1+a2+a3
revenue upto 4jan2012: a1+a2+a3+a4
e.g. this day is 4jan2012
so we want to compare revenue upto 4jan2012 vs target upto 4jan2012
whether revenue more than or less tahn target,
its running every day

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