How to add new fields in Web UI where AET is not applicable

We tried to add new fields using AET, but surprisingly 'Create Field' is in disabled mode in AET Configuration.
We are trying to add custom fields to the view GSTEXT/notes. But we could not do that.
what are the other possible ways to add custom fields and the required configuration for that.
Your help and suggestions will be highly appreciated.
Best regards,


Thanks for the response, We want to add two custom fields in Component / View (Gstext / Note).
We are trying with AET tool, But in AET tool configuration window, ''Create Field'' is in not in active mode (disabled mode), we can see it but it is not clickable.
In order to proceed and create new fields it has to be in enabled.
Kindly suggest me how to activate this field. your suggestions will be highly apprecaited.
Thank you

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