How do you create a complete database in notepad and execute it in SQL*Plus

I am new to Oracle / SQL*PLUS / and the SQL Language. I have never done anything with these products before. I am running Oracle 9i Enterprise Edition. I have a database created and I was able to get a table created.
That's it so far....
I would like to start doing all coding and editing in Windows Notepad and then execute the code from within the SQL*Plus editor.
Can someone please tell me......How do I do this???
I have my data, that I will be running queries on, located in a text file.
How do I get my SQL code to import the data from a text file into my tables???
Bobby Howerton


Actually, @your_text_file would start executing this textfile - which is ok if there is SQL code in the file. But how I understand the question, is that the data to load into one ore more tables is in the text file. Is that correct?
If so, if it's a lot of data, it's worth entering the documentation on the Server Utilities, search for SQL loader for example.
If it's only a view records, than simply alter the contents to something like:
insert into <put_table_name_here> (<put_column_names_here>) values (<data in the text file, seperated with comma's>);
And there should be one line like this for each record, or look up the command "insert all" in the SQL reference.
Good luck!