How do i move my 'number of times played' from iPod Nano 4G to iPod Classic?

I've had an iPod Nano 4th Gen for the past 4 years. I recently got an iPod Classic for Xmas.
I'm a bit fussy & would like to transfer all the data across from iPod Nano to iPod Classic ... and this includes data such as number of times each song has been played. Preferably for free too.
How can i do this?
The closest i've come to a suggestion online is to plug them both in to iTunes & then "drag & drop". Just to point out - this does not work.


Despite the fiend's confident manner and his curt correction, I believe he is very mistaken about this.  I sensed this was baloney and kept looking, to find a thread in which the same is discussed for iPhone, but it worked on my Classic iPod as well.  (I don't mean to get overly down on a.f, but one should be careful and try to be sure before telling someon they can't do something that seems like a basic function that should by all reason be possible - Not that  all lack of reason doesn't often apply to these products...)
How to transfer playlist from iPhone to iTunes 11.1.3?
The procedure described here did work for me, but know this: if I hadn't somehow actively saved an on-the-go list long ago (and forgotten,) I never would have known, because although I have been selecting tons of tracks for "on the go," apparently it erases all lists when you power down, unless you do that deliberate save.  That's right; c beyond all sense of reason (case in point of above) the iPod does not continue to save selections in one growing on-the-go list unless you save it before shut-off.  Saving auto names that list and starts over.  So while I would like to have one big list in which to save all songs for future DJ choices, I will have to have a new list for every time I select even one single song before power off, or POOF gone.  Wish I'd known that before, I stupidly assumed 100 or more songs were saved cause I never checked.
Check it out and see if it works for you.  Cheers.  And no offense A.F. 
I guess considering how tedious and dysfuntional this is (also not a first for Apple,)  I will find another way to earmark tracks on the fly, like use a star rating which I've never really used with consistency.  You might consider the same if you have similar purposes.  If you're sitting down and deliberately making a specific list all at once, save it and you should be good to "go."