How do I make a recovery sys disk for my new HP Notebook lap top

I want to make a recovery usb flash drive of my new laptop system.I have a 32 g flash drive but want to know the steps that I have to take to create it..I know it will take about 3-4 hrs to do but how do i start and under what app do i create it I see so many with the word recovery..Any help would be appreciated..


Actually Backup and Recovery are not the same. You can backup the whole HDD but still can't use the backup to recover your machine. For normal personal computers, there are few recovery scenarios:
(a) Recovery back to factory settings: Bring the machine back to day 1, back to the time we open the box.
(b) Recovery at a recovery point (not Windows Restore),
(c) Recovery to previous good point (Windows Restore)
The above 2 links show you how to create a set (or USB flash drive) to allow you to "to create recovery media that you can use to restore your computer to its original condition in case of a major problem with your computer." or point #a above.
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