How do I delete photos in iPhoto '11?

I have a lot of photos I want to delete from my library. I can find most of them using a Smart Album. When I am browsing the album I cannot delete photos. Pressing either Delete key does nothing, clicking the Trash icon does nothing. I flagged the photos then tried deleting them from the Flagged album. No dice, they just disappear (I guess I just unflagged them).
Some of the pictures are videos.
This is just too damned much. I am not a ludite. I should not have to get help just to delete some pictures.


Why isn’t htat in the help files anywhere? There’s nothing that says Delete, drag to trash, or right-click and select Trash only works in Events and nothing about using modifiers.
Scott, you are right. That is buggy - either the program is buggy or the help text is wrong.
There is no sense in displaying a Trash bin in the pop-up panel, that does nothing when clicked.
Send feedback to Apple and file a bug report using the feedback form:
However, it makes sense to have two different commands when deleting from an album or smart album: You need to be able to say if to remove photos from the album or if you want to delete them from the library, so you need different shortcuts. And the shortcut to delete is the more complicated one, so you do not do this accidentally.