How do I connect both iMac (2011) hard drives to backup with Time Machine and Airport Time capsule?

Hi - my iMac has 2 hard drives, 250 Gb solid state and a 2 Tb drive.  I'm backing up using time Machine to an Airport time Capsule but only the 250 Gb drive comes up in hte list?  All my photos are on the 2 Tb drive (about 120GB worth) and I want a back up for these. I'm running under OS X 10.9.1 Maverick
Any help would be greatly appreaciated!


Ok.. I am surprised..
What did you format the 2TB drive.. I find it hard to imagine you formatted an internal drive anything but Mac OS extended journaled (HFS+) .. but you could have.
Time Machine can only backup HFS+ format drives.
Of course this Mavericks.. and in Mavericks the bugs rein supreme in Time Machine.
Reset TM setup.. See A4 here.
Make sure the 2TB drive is mounted when you redo the TM setup.
To be honest.. I would also buy CCC and do a full clone of the drive..
TM is great for the occasional file loss.. but it is lousy to restore a drive. CCC at the moment is $40 or so and IMHO money well spent.
I use it but just to say I have no connection to them..