How can i use OracleDate or Date(which respect to Oracle)

<Parameter AllowDbNull="True" AutogeneratedName="p_tarih" ColumnName="TARIH" DataSourceName="FINANS.FNTRISKVADE" DataTypeServer="DATE(7)" DbType="AnsiString" Direction="Input" ParameterName="p_tarih" Precision="0" ProviderType="**DateTime**" Scale="0" Size="7" SourceColumn="TARIH" SourceColumnNullMapping="False" SourceVersion="Current">
Dbtype: I want write Oracle Date.
If i download Oracle Providers for ASP.Net .It can be solve the problem?
But since my database is Oracle 10g R1.
if i load Oracle Providers for ASP.Net is in the same home as Oracle Data Provider.
Can i load this tool? Is it compatible with 10g R2.


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Once a quiz has been published and used, there is no way that Captivate provides to amend it. You need to make the revisions in the source project and publish it again.
Hopefully others will chime in to address the bit about how the LMS handles a quiz that has been updated. My thought is that as long as you use the same file name and upload it so it replaces what is there, things would be kept. But only someone versed in the dark arts of LMS can honestly answer that.
Cheers... Rick
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