How can i transfer music from my Ipod nano to my new hard drive

Hi, I have a I pod Nano 6th edition.I downloaded music from my CD collection and I purchased a few CD's from ITunes. I had problems with the hard drive and had to have a new hard drive installed. I was advised to save my ITunes library and my photos and any other important documents on my hard drive.I saved everything onto a pen drive.
I have tried to reinstall everything onto my new hard drive. I had no problem with the photos or documents,but the ITunes folders are giving me problems.
I have downloaded the updated ITunes web site onto my new hard drive.I have tried to send the folder from pen drive to the iTunes folder and My Music folder.
I also tried dragging the folder from the pen drive to the my music folder. For some reason 3 tracks from about 4 hundred have arrived in the My Music Folder.
I am afraid to plug my Ipod into the laptop as I was told I could lose every thing
Is there any way to solve my problem??


Follow the instructions here > How to use your iPod to move your music to a new computer
As noted from that article, you may need to authorize the computer.
From the iTunes menu bar click Store > Authorize This Computer