How can I transfer all data in ATV to my new computer(HDD)?

Last week, my macbook broke and replaced new HDD. All data in previous HDD has gone but some musics and pictures are still in ATV luckily. Please advise how I fetch the data from ATV to my new HDD just installed to my macbook.


takky wrote:
Thanks for your adivse. reg 2), how do I hack my apple TV?
Not really something that can be discussed here in detail.
Did you have Time Machine running? If so you may be able to pull back iTunes files.
what is SSH? please adivse.
If you don't know I think hacking might prove daunting for you.
I've not hacked my AppleTVs so can't offer advice one way or another but I suggest you do not update your AppleTV to 2.2 yet, and you must not sync AppleTV to a new itunes library or it'll trash the exisiting content.
Google 'AwkwardTV' and 'AppleTV hacks'.
Personally I'd say that your safest option is probably to dismantle the AppleTV and connect the internal drive to a Mac via a USB or Firewire enclosure then manually track down the files - copy them only and don't alter anything on the drive. This would of course void any warranty - depends how important that stuff on AppleTV is.
It also emphasises the importance of backing up stuff regularly though in practice we may not do so as often as we'd like.
It also highlights two things:
1 - There really should be a method of accessing stuff from AppleTV by manual drag and drop. I really don't understand why they don't implement it as your kind of issue is very frequent and you'd really thank Apple if that feature were available.
2 - Currently AppleTV must not be regarded as external storage or a backup copy of iTunes files/photos. It is not designed to be a backup but with a little software enablement it could clearly to this. I suspect connection via USB would be frowned upon as people might try and access system files, but a 'rescue mode' via iTunes perhaps accessed via the diagnostics/system restore/reboot menu would be ideal.