Hierarchies and process chains

I implemented a data model with hierarchies on some InfoObjects, everything is ok.
I created a process chain with the InfoPackages to load the hierarchies. When I transport the data model on our BW production and start the process chain everything is set to the "green" status, but the hierarchies don't show up (e.g. in rsh1 or when I go into the "Maintain Hierarchy" dialog of the corresponding InfoObject).
Interestingly the InfoPackages of the hierarchies are carried out without problems. Even a "Save Hierarchy" or "Read PSA and Update Data Target" doesn't help.
Thanks for your help!


you can goto the maintain hierarchy for the infoobject.
it will display all the list of the hierarchies available for the info object.
select your hierarchy and check if there are any other versions available other than version 'A'.
If yes then activate the 'M' version and see if the hierarchy is the same as in the source system.