Hi Experts, replace function SALC_MC_GET_ALL_CONTEXTS?

Hi Experts,
does anyone know which function can replace SALC_MC_GET_ALL_CONTEXTS? thanks in advance!
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Check Replace for WWW_GET_MIME_OBJECT
Kanagaraja L

Hi Experts, replace function module WS_QUERY to return the name of OS?

Hi Experts, the function WS_QUERY can return your computer operating system, you can try it SE37(WS_QUERY), and only give value 'OS' to the QUERY parameter and execute the function, you can see it in RETURN parameter, but now this function is obsolet

Replacement function modules/method for obsolete Funtion Modules in ECC 6.0

We are working on Upgrade Project and need your help in finding the replacement Function module/ Methods for following obsolete Function Modules:    1.   GET_FIELDTAB    2.   WS_EXCEL    3.  HR_DISPLAY_BASIC_LIST    4.  LOG_SYSTEM_GET_RFC_DESTINATION

Replace function in TT7

Hi, I have a database in TT Release and other in Release I need use replace sql function over Release I know that it not apply in this version but I've tried with ttIsqlCS in node with TT11 through connection in datab

Replace function and '-' character

Hello, How can I use '-' character in a REPLACE function? create or replace procedure zd authid current_user as begin execute immediate ' create table select ZDK Replace(SO_HEADER.ZDNUMBER,'' - '','' '') from so_header'; end zd; Thanks a lot,Hm. I do

TestStand Design Search/Replace Functionality

We are in the process of changing from using Measurement Studio/Visual Basic to using TestStand as the test executor. (We are just learning to use TestStand and LabView.) Currently, all testing is done using VB as the low level calls, and VB scriptin

Efficient regex replace function? Help!

Here's what I'm trying to do: Scan through a string, and replace any occurences of http://...... (until the next space) with an HTML link. Does anyone know what would be the most efficient regex replace function to do this? Thank you very much in adv

Prolem in CLOB replace function

Hi, I am working on Oracle 10g (release 2). Currently facing problem in replace function My given patterns are Replace(+string+, varchar2, clob) Replace(+String+, clob, clob) In both casese, I'm getting ORA-22828 error. Can anyone please suggest the

Search/replace function for Lightroom?

I am trying to find out if there is a way of finding and replacing certain text in the metadata in a quick and easy way. I need to change something on all my photos in LR. Can anyone help me? Thanks a lot in advance.Rob, Thanks for response. I unders

Split and Replace Functions (ps1 to vbs)

Guru's, I am having a difficult time converting these PS functions into VBS. Any help would be greatly appreciated! $sName=$line.Split(" ")[0] $sValue=[int]$line.Split(" ")[1].Replace("%","").Trim() Thanks!VBScript

Hi expert. replace . with space

HI expert. I want to replace '.' with space . so I proceed below. itab is composed to two feilds. date1 type char10 date2 type char10 the field's values are '2011.01.01'. REPLACE ALL OCCURRENCES OF REGEX '\b(.)\b'         IN TABLE ITAB WITH SPACE    

VBA needed that utilizes replace function

Hi,  I have this simple VBA that allows me to select my range and put a symbol in front of the data: Sub AddtoFront() Dim Rng As Range For Each Rng In Selection Rng.Value = "~" & Rng.Value Next Rng End Sub However, I am looking to expand thi

Replace functionality at specified position

Hi all, My oracle db version is 11g Enterprise Edition Release i am trying to find out how to perform replace operation on a varchar2 data value which has a format delimited by '-'. fior instance my dataset can be like a-b-c x-y-z-d-f-g-h

Regular Expression / replace Function Help

The problem: cfset myString = "i am a big boy" cfset outputString = replace("i am a big boy","i","you","all") Wrong Output: you am a byoug boy Intended Output you am a big boy How do I achive that output.Y

Replace Function removing Zero from the end.

Hi ALL, I'm runing following query select REPLACE(52000.50,'.') from dualwhich is giving me output as *520005* But I need last zero also in the output. like *5200050* Please help me if you have any solution.user2988171 wrote: Thanks it worked only sm

Convering function to single query

Hi experts, I want to convert the following function to a sql query can you please help me. create or replace function map_bus_route( bus car.bus%type,route car.route%type) return varchar2 is bus1 car.bus%type; route1 car.route%type; ret_val varchar(

Long running statement including function

Hello expert, I have a long running statement and corresponding function as follows: select pp.policy_premium_pk, pp.policy_fk, pp.policy_term_fk, pp.risk_fk, pp.coverage_fk, pp.transaction_log_fk, pp.coverage_component_code, hiroc_rpt_user.hiroc_get

Where is Find and Replace?!?

I have been using DW 8 on my computer (Apple OS 10.4.11) successfully for about a year. Just this week the Find and Replace function stopped working. I can press Apple + F and I get nothing, no popup windows or anything. I can go to Edit>Find and Rep

RETURN in a function

Hi Experts, I have to modify a function which is like this: CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION Z_FN_TEST RETURN varchar2_list PIPELINED IS At the first place I could not understand what is varchar_list PIPELINED. Pls can anyone help ! ThanksDid you check the

Search & Replace Entities

Hi there, does anybody found a function in dreamweaver CS3 that convertes special characters into entities?? i can´t believe that there is no function like that but i´ve searched too many hours without finding any post for this problem... and i also