Hi Experts, replace function module WS_QUERY to return the name of OS?

Hi Experts,
the function WS_QUERY can return your computer operating system, you can try it SE37(WS_QUERY), and only give value 'OS' to the QUERY parameter and execute the function, you can see it in RETURN parameter, but now this function is obsolete and I must replace it with another function or method, can anyone of you tell me which function can totally(the return value need to be the same, but any valuable feedback is also welcome) replace it? thanks in advance!
Kind regards


Hi Dawson,
You can use the static method GET_PLATFORM of the class CL_GUI_FRONTEND_SERVICES.

Replacement function modules/method for obsolete Funtion Modules in ECC 6.0

We are working on Upgrade Project and need your help in finding the replacement Function module/ Methods for following obsolete Function Modules:    1.   GET_FIELDTAB    2.   WS_EXCEL    3.  HR_DISPLAY_BASIC_LIST    4.  LOG_SYSTEM_GET_RFC_DESTINATION

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Function Module for finding all the users in an org unit?

Hi, is there a function module or a table by which we can find all the users within a purchasing group of purchasing organisatiopn unit. Looking for a quick response. Regards, NehaPlease use the function module BBP_OM_STRUC_GET_USER_FROM_ORG.  You ha

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can anyone let me know the replacement for these function modules POPUP_TO_CONFIRM_STEP POPUP_TO_CONFIRM_WITH_MESSAGEIt says the name of the replacement right there in the Attributes of the above FMs: POPUP_TO_CONFIRM. Hope this helps. SudhaRead othe

Function module to return INVOICE DETAILS

Helo All. I am printing invoice details using smartforms. Can anybody tell me a function module which will return the invoice details by taking invoice number as input? Thanks in advance.Hi, LB_BIL_INV_OUTP_READ_PRTDATA. This FM will return u a deep

Function Module to get Manager

Hi Friends,   Is there any function module available that gets the manager using PERNR? Can i use SWX_GET_MANAGER? Thanks in advance. Nathan.Hi,    Thanks. I tried to use this FM. Couldnt get the manager using PERNR. If i use  US<userid> of an emplo

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Hello All, The Function module 'NAMETAB_GET' is shown to be obsolete in ECC 6.0 . Please suggest which of the function modules among 'DDIF_FIELDINFO_GET'  and 'DDIF_NAMETAB_GET' can be used as a replacement for the same. Also ,it would be helpful if

Authorization check on Function module return values

Hi, I have a tricky situation. In our BW implementation, many of the FI infoobjects are authorization relevent. One of the objects is 0COSTCENTER.  A user has been assigned with authorization profile, in which the user is authorised for COST CENTER =

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Hi Experts, Please look into below coding and solve  my problem. FUNCTION Z_USR_INSTANT_CREATION1. ""Local Interface: *"  IMPORTING *"     VALUE(USERNAME1) LIKE  BAPIBNAME-BAPIBNAME *"     VALUE(ACCTNO) TYPE  /BIC/OIZCUSTOMER *&qu

Exceptions in function module.... for beginner......

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Regarding Obsolete Function Modules

Hi all,         can anybody tell me the alternative ECC6.0 function modules of the following Obsolete function modules DOWNLOAD UPLOAD WS_DOWNLOAD WS_UPLOAD WS_FILENAME_GET WS_QUERY POPUP_TO_CONFIRM_STEP POPUP_TO_CONFIRM_WITH_MESSAGE thnks Sandeepher