Help with symbian belle widgets

I have installed some third party transparent widgets that replaced my old widgets, I tried to revert to the old original widgets but I can't, I removed the installation and I got the widget no more existing, I tried installing some widget from a leaked archive of symbian belle, but it tells me "update error", anybody can help please ? 


Have you installed Microsoft apps ? If not, try them, mail works superbly !
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E6 with Symbian Belle?

Hi there! I'm planning on replacing my old E5-00 with a new, i know that the phone comes with Symbian Anna but i am getting conflicting reports/messages as regards software updates. I have read from well-known internet site that Nokia will upd

Fed_up with symbian belle.

phone gallery unable to open. Phone hangs. Sometimes i doesn't recognizes sim card. And what not. Thanks saif.Hi saif_sadique,  Welcome to Nokia discussions board!  In order to fix this issue, I advise you to perform a soft reset on your phone: type

Widgets on Symbian Belle (Nokia N8-00 from Argenti...

With the arrival of the update to Symbian Belle I realized that Nokia forgot to place multiple widgets that were present in the leaked versions of Belle months ago. Some of them are in the following images. Widget mini music player: Belle has a music

Nokia 500 Symbian Belle?

Why has postponed the launch of Symbian Belle nokia 500? So large are the problems that we are still delay? Solved! Go to Solution.Nokia Belle is specifically tailored to each phone model, including the  Nokia 500. Due to technical specifications, No

Torrent on Symbian Belle.

How to download any torrent on Symbian Belle? I got SymTorrent but when I add torrent file the application is crash. Help me I need torrent on my phone. Nokia [email protected] Presumably you are using version for Symbian S^3 updated here:http://amorg.aut.b

Nokia C6-01 cant upgrade to Symbian Belle from Sym...

Pls advise me how to solve this problem cause i cant upgrade my C6-01 to Symbian Belle using Nokia Suite 3.3.89.First check whether Nokia belle is available for your phone's product come and region. Check belle availability page of Nokia Europe's web

Nokia N8 with Nokia Belle does not recognize heads...

My headset (WH-701) is no longer recognized by my nokia N8 after I had updated to nokia belle. I first have to put my headset into the 3,5 mm AV connector before being recognized, and even then the headset may stop working after a few minutes. Once t

Please help with LoaderContext().checkPolicyFile

Hello everybody, i'm newbie in as3 and I need your help with a such problem. It's need to download gif pictures. Flash widget and source of gif pictures are placed in different domains. Locally in Flashcs3 environment it works okay but if I put it on

ExtGps Symbian Belle Nokia C7 and Windows 7 (64 bi...

ExtGps application on  Symbian Belle Nokia C7 and Windows 7 (64 bit and 32 bit starter). The Serial port service is not discoverable on this device on Windows 7.   I connected OK with USB cable and think the idea is good.  Anyone that have solved thi

Help with mail installatioin please

could somebody please help with the installation of mail...I have had my mac for 7 months now, and can't use the mail application. Somebody help please before I die? thanks n9milai don't understand...the whole outgoing thing! my email address is in h

Can you help with the code to publish Flash to my own domain.

Thank you for your help, I publish the my site to my own domain, I do not use .Mac, I tested your code and ity works well on .Mac, can you help with the code to publish to my own domain. Thank you againYou appear to have just collected a variety of c

Help with records.

Im nw to java and I need help with records. Can you please tell me how to make a record called car, store the make and model and display them like the structure chart below( yes its a structure chart). ================ main ========= ===============

Need help with basic program.....!

I've to write a program that generates a random number, which the user has to try and guess, after each guess they're told whether it's too high or too low etc., I've gotten this far, however, the user has only 10 guesses.... In my program I've used

Can Somebody help with uploading.........

Can Somebody help with uploading my iweb creation. i have made a iweb site and upload it to my .mac. later that day i deleted on my idisk the site manualy and i want to upload a news site but every time i tryed to upload the site iweb says that i nee

Help with XMLSEQUENCE and repeating elements

I need help with the following XML extraction (note this is on Oracle9i). I have the following XML structure. There are multiple <Reading> elements <MeterReadings> <MeterReading> <Meter> <id>0004128190</id> <idType&g

Seeking Help with Album Image Issues in iPod Classic

Hi folks - I have a new 160 iPod Classic and have two album image-related issues I'd appreciate some help with. In the case of several albums where I'd associated my own art with them in iTunes, the formatting appeared off in my iPod due to the verti

Sign on problems within Elements 10; plus cannot backup writing files error with file catalog.pse10db.  No indication what the problem is.  How do I get adobe help with these problems?

Sign on problems within Elements 10; plus cannot backup, writing files error with file catalog.pse10db.  No indication what the problem is.  How do I get adobe help with these problems?Sign on problems within Elements 10; plus cannot backup, writing

Help with Parameter Form

Hello, I have a somewhat complicated Report and I am hoping that I can create the Parameter Form in Reports (I would rather not use Forms because I don't know it as well) Here's my problem: Right now I have 2 fields that I need help with. The first o

HT5699 Help with car questions

Wont let me buy things because security question for cars how lame is that!!!Help with security question about carsRead other 2 answers