HELP NEeded in creating tis java program

create a prompter appliation that prompts the user for two numbers. The first number is a minimum value, and the second is a maximum value. Prompter then prompts the user for a number between the minimum and maximum numbers entered. The user should be continuously prompted until a number within the range is entered. Be sure to include the minimum and maximum numbers in prompt.
use boolean operator in while loop
what do do??


so can some 1 help me"Help" as in provide workable code? They might - you did all right in your last
thread. Personally, though, I doubt you're much helped by this.
Start by reading the description of what your code must do. Make sure you
understand the description - perhaps by explaining it in your own words to someone
else. If they don't understand then you don't understand: not in any sense
that matters.
Then proceed to write some code. The first sentence of the description you posted
makes a good starting point. Write some code that compiles and does this.
Make sure you understand what each line does before moving on.
If you get stuck post some code and an actual question. If there is a compiler error,
copy paste and post the actual error you can't understand and say which line it refers
to. If your code compiles but has unwanted, unexpected or mysterious results,
say what it does and what you were expecting, or wanting.
Hope that helps.
(My apologies if your native language is not English, but really. Use a
dictionary - online or, better, in paper form. Eschew abbreviations. Read what you
post aloud or, as above, to someone else who can tell you if it makes no sense.)