HANA XS - How to fix Inactive Testing issue of items not loading (when using the cookie)

Is anyone else having issues with the inactive testing using the cookie (sapXsDevWorkspace)?  My team has abandoned using it because it is causing us a lot of trouble.  It initially worked well for a few hours, but eventually it stopped loading resources.  We got errors loading the SAP js libs or even the newly commited ( but not activated) code changes.  
I have seen the feedback on SCN post http://scn.sap.com/thread/3517042 but we cannot seem to fix the issue of the system not loading things.  I am on version SPS7 ( on AWS and I have seen it work for a short period then it seems to get flaky and stop working.   I don't understand what is causing the error to occur as I cannot make it do the same thing twice. 
Here are some screenshots:
Cookie defined in Chrome
Repository Name with my user:
This is the result:
Sometimes it loads more of the files and fails later:
I verified that I logged in under the same user and the cookie name.  The system has developer_mode set to true.  Is there something we're missing? 
Jim Giffin.


Hi Jim, Hi Matthias
we are facing the exact same problem with our project.
Jim, we had the same phenomenon that it worked for 1-2 reloads and then stopped at all.
After looking into it, I figured out, that the browser was using cached files from all resources except from the "inactive" new files, which we could access with the cookie. This made it work, however, when we refreshed again, the browser eventually removed its cache and tried to load inactive versions from files that didn't had any.
We ended up in empty responses (no content, no headers)
We are really looking forward to find some answers here, as it constantly causes trouble to work with multiple developers on the same activated code base.
Any input or suggestions are appreciated.
Best Regards,