GX720 barbone can't install Vista Ultimate 64

hi everybody! i have gx720 barebone and i tried to install vista ultimate 64 bit on it! everything seems nothing happened ! but when i tried to activate it and restarting! its stops at ms boot screen !the green slide still running ! but it doesnt boot ! and i have to reinstall OS again !  i need help ! cpu  t9600    4gb   7k 320gb   and i usually this activation way and OS alot. so do i need update bios or what ? i need help !


Quote from: DarthBane on 05-July-09, 07:01:56
i have vista x64 installed.  You are going to have to be more descriptive and clear.
Mike moved your post and gave it a topic; he didn't offer any advise on your issue.
4 GBs of RAM means you have added more memory.  Are you sure this memory is compatible?  Have you tested the stability of the upgrades with Memtest86+?  Does it work without the extra memory?

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