GoldenGate Downstream Integrated capture from SQL Server 2012 as source

Previously, I had done OGG integrated capture from downstream mining database. In that case SourceDB, Downstream MiningDB and TargetDB, all databases were Oracle.
MiningDB was in sync with source for log shipping and OGG extract was hooked with MiningDB to capture changes and apply on targetDB by replicat.
This time, I am looking for similar solution for SourceDB as MS SQL Server 2012. Exploring my options as I am not allowed to let OGG extract directly capture from source database.
I have to come up with a solution where source database can ship logs to another location (miningDB) and let OGG extract capture from there.
What could be my options ??? Appreciate your suggestions???


You can move post to Golden Gate forum and also add following more information: 
I see you are using Integrated it means the version is either 11 or higher.
1, Add GG version   11/12 ?
2. Add Oracle DB Version 10/11/12
In Oracle downstream, basically you ship the archive logs to the downstream server but have you thought how is the transnational logs handled in SQL Server ?