Genius can't complete "gathering information about your library"  Help!

I am using iTunes 9. I have a 78 GB music library on a network attached drive (it is where my iTunes folder is). iTunes works fine but I cannot turn on Genius. When I try, the status bar opens and it says "gathering information about your library". The status bar fills up about 20% and then I get the spinning beachball. It sits there until I force quit iTunes (which is characterized as "not responding").
I have combed the discussion board to see what other people have done. Here's one thing I tried: quit itunes; went to home folder, then library, then preferences; deleted ""; went to itunes folder and deleted "itunes library extras.itdb" and "itunes library genius.itdb"; emptied trash; restarted iTunes. This did not work.
Does anyone have any other ideas? It looks like the Genius process is getting hung up on something, but I cannot figure out what. Thanks in advance!


Either go to ~/Library/Cookies and delete the file Cookies.plist
Or, if you don't want to delete all your Cookies, delete the relevant Apple cookies from Safari. To do so, quit iTunes, go to Safari and select Preferences -> Security -> Show Cookies. In the search text box enter Select all of these files and click to Remove.
I did the first option and Genius worked fine afterwards.