Garbage tables in oracle database

Is there anyone can tell me whats wrong with my database. I dont know what is actually the problem is in my oracle scott database i got some garbage table name once i try to execute "select table_name from user_tables" command. Here is the output of that sql query.
SQL> select table_name from us
41 rows selected.
what is those bin bla bla i got no idea.
Im useing oracle10g home my OS is winxp and my paths are
C:\Documents and Settings\Hasnain>path
Wbem;C:\PROGRA~1\ULTRAE~1;C:\Program Files\SecureCRT;C:\j2sdk1.4.2_05\bin;C:\mys
ql\bin;C:\Program Files\Rational\common;C:\Program Files\Rational\ClearQuest;C:\
Program Files\Rational\Rose\TopLink\;C:\Program Files\Rational\Rational Test;c:\
matlab6p5\bin\win32;C:\MATLAB6p5\bin\win32;c\php;C:\Program Files\SSH Communicat
ions Security\SSH Secure Shell
Please help me i dont know whats wrong with it.


How do you define an "unnecessary bin"?
When you are dropping a table, you can specify the PURGE clause to bypass the recycle bin. You can also purge objects from the recycle bin
Oracle also maintains a mapping of the recycle bin name to the original table name in USER_ or DBA_RECYCLEBIN
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