Garage Band MIDI conflict

Hey there,
Has anyone here ever had a problem getting into Garage Band with this popping up?
"garageband has detected a possible conflict between one or more third party MIDI or audio drivers"
it says I have to figure out how to delete old MIDI drivers but i have no idea where i start with that.
Can anyone HELP??


I'm getting this problem too, and can't figure out from any of the above tips how to solve it. What do you mean "using an interface"? Yesterday I installed the latest version of "SoundSource," a simple chooser that switches between my EDIROL stereo output and my Logitech headset.
The only "driver" in my HD>Library>Audio>Midi driver folder is called EmagicUSBMIDIDriver.plugin, and I put it in a temp folder for several startups and had the same probs.
Garageband launches, shows the "midi driver conflict" error, will not play at all, and then hangs on Quit, so I have to force quit to get out of it. Also removed all the pref files suggested above, again no luck. Why is it doing this all of the sudden?
Next steps: Reinstall GB? Stuck in the middle of production!!!!!