Functionalities In Incentives and commission Management

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Can Any body share the detailed information on Incetives and Commission Management,What are functionalities are involved and related Tcodes.
I shall be very greatfull if you can help me in this reagrd.
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Hi Vikram,
Incentives and Commission management is a powerful produt from SAP to give commissions to sales agent for the sales done by them.
Following are the major functionalities of the product -
1) Uses BP - creates a comision contract for each sales agent.
2) Uses SD condition technique to arrive at conditon rate for which BP has to be remunerated
3) Has a settlement functionality which transfer the remuneration of BP to settlement system in a periodic fashion.
4) Is a very flexible tool to rapidly adjust to change in business model like - chage in remuneration rates, creating new business objects etc.
5) Has portal roles  - Sales Compensation Analyst ( for creation standard contracts - generic contracts) , Sales Representative ( Sales Agent to check his remuneration etc )
Following are the main transactions for ICM system -
CACSIMG -  customizing for ICM
CACS - central screen for ICM system
CACSMD501 - Creation of commission case ( comm case represents transaction done by BP and results in remuneration document )
CACSMD101 - Creation of Individual Contract.
Manas Dua