Function Modules for Format Date, Month Name and Quarter value.

Hi All,
1. I am getting the date field from the Flatfile, so i need to format the date to YYYYMMDD. Is there any Function module for that in BW.
2. Based on the above Formated Date i have to find out the Name of the Month like JANUARY, FEBUARY etc.
3. Based on the same above Formated Date i need to find out the Quarter like 1, 2 etc.
Could you please let me know if any function modules are there for the above questions in BW not in ABAP, why i mention is some Function modules are there in ABAP but not in BW.
Thanks in advance.


Hi ,
1.If your input date format is MMDDYYYY then Use SDATE as conversion routine in trans strucutre to convert into YYYYMMDD.
2.By passing year as input parameter for the following FM you would get all the months with text.Using READ statement in routine you can get month name
3.For Quarters you can use the following FM:
hope it helps...

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