Function module to return INVOICE DETAILS

Helo All.
I am printing invoice details using smartforms. Can anybody tell me a function module which will return the invoice details by taking invoice number as input?
Thanks in advance.


LB_BIL_INV_OUTP_READ_PRTDATA. This FM will return u a deep structure that has all the info in an Invoice Document.
Utsah Garg.

Any Function Module For getting Shipment Details

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Function Module to retrieve Campaign details.

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Function module for getting stock details for a given period or date range

Hi experts,      Any function module available for getting stock details batch, plant, storage location, and period wise. <<removed_by_moderator>> Thanks in advance M Prasanna Edited by: Vijay Babu Dudla on Apr 28, 2009 7:23 AMHi, Try with thi

Function Module to get Campaign Details

Hi, Can anyone tell me any FM or BAPI or a DB table to get the campaign details. Thanks LokeshHi, Apart from that two tables you can get the campaign Hierarchys from the Table CGPL_HIERARCHY. Function module CONVERSION_EXIT_CGPLP_INPUT helps to get G

Function module not returning revisision level in Report

Hello Abap Gurus, I am not a regular ABAP programmer, but i do few changes here and there if programmer is busy. My dilemma is, When i use REVISION_LEVEL_SELECT function module via SE37 it works fine: Import parameters               Value AENNR AEOBJ

L_WMPP_WM_POST Function module not returning TO number

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Function Module to get  hierarchy details from a customer account

Hi Experts, There is certain hierarchy maintained among Business partners. We can see that in transaction BPH. Now What I require is a function module which takes BP number as input and gives output the BP number of child nodes of it . Is there a sta

Function module table returning empty rows but export data is getting

Hi, I am executing function module through JCO after setting importing parameter and when i retrieve the table i get table with empty data 0 rows but i am able get export parameter data . when execute the same function module in abap through sap gui

Function module to get the details from table COEP

hi all, I have to select the data from COEP table based on OBJNR.i don't have  any other key i have to select the data based on OBJNR only. can any one please tell me is there any function to get the data from this table. Thanks.Hi Try

Authorization check on Function module return values

Hi, I have a tricky situation. In our BW implementation, many of the FI infoobjects are authorization relevent. One of the objects is 0COSTCENTER.  A user has been assigned with authorization profile, in which the user is authorised for COST CENTER =

Function Groups and Function Modules

Hi, Can anyone give me the detail steps for creating Function Group and then from that function group creation of function module with example? Regards, ChandruHi, Function Group creation -        A function group is a program that contains function

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I created a custom SAP Function module that returns 2 tables. The first table (summary table) contains two columns, column "a"  contains a grouping and column "b" is a quantity.  The second table is the detail and is linked to the firs

DDIF Function Module for getting the description of a BAPI structure

Hi, I need to find a function module that returns the description of a structure...well a BAPI structure, not that that makes any difference. The DDIF_ function modules I've tried will all return the descriptions of data elements in tables, but not s

Get purchase order doc date using BAPI function module

Hi, I have a .net windows application that uses BAPI_PO_GETDETAIL function module to get particular details of a PO in SAP. But i am not able to get the "Doc Date" for a particular PO. I am able to get all the details of items from the table &qu

Function module to get the name of all the function module used

I want to populate a internal table with the name of all function module used in the submitted program?? Is there any function module which return the name of all the function module used?Hi Priya Try this one RPY_FUNCTIONMODULE_READ. RangaRead other

Reg : Setting a attribute value through function module

Hi guys,        I got a RFC to To read the attribute of a particular work item ( SWI_READ_CONTAINER_ATTRIBUTE ) simillarly Is there any function module to write the attribute? Thanks, MugundhanHi Mugundhan , if you want to pass Value to workflow cont

Function module PTRA_WEB_EXPENSE_REPORT_GET_2 not working when used in loop

Hi All, I have used a function module PTRA_WEB_EXPENSE_REPORT_GET_2  in a custom fumction module which i am developing fetch the travel expense data . The function module PTRA_WEB_EXPENSE_REPORT_GET_2  returns the travel expense data based on the emp

How to use the function module which i mentioned, to store the pdf files

hi, SO_NEW_DOCUMENT_ATT_SEND_API1 I am using above function module to send employ details through mail in pdf format, if i want to store that pdf files in a local computer too, then how should i catch hold off those individual pdf files of all employ