Function Module to get Manager

Hi Friends,
  Is there any function module available that gets the manager using PERNR? Can i use SWX_GET_MANAGER?
Thanks in advance.


   Thanks. I tried to use this FM. Couldnt get the manager using PERNR. If i use  US<userid> of an employee it works fine. I dont know the combination of values that i have to pass to the ac_container if i want to use PERNR.
Eg, For US<userid>
Element = ORG_OBJECT
VALUE = US<userid>
Similarly is there a way to get the manager passing PERNR to the value? Is there any other function module available that returns the manager given the PERNR?

Function module to get number of pay periods ???

Hi all, Is there any function module to get the number of pay periods of a employee ? ThanksHi Hong! You can use CU_READ_RGDIR_NEW with the Pers. Number (pernr). After this call, this function will return a parameter with name "in_rgdir". With t

Function module to get detials of blocked stock of Material

Hi al..... I like to know the function module to get details of blocked stock of material for particular plant.... like blocked by sales order or damaged material ..etc.. Thanks...Hello , just check this FM please just read the document of the FM....

Any Function Module For getting Shipment Details

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Function module to get the dates from the year and the period

Is there a function Module to get the dates from the year and the periodCheck with : To get last day of period use . LAST_DAY_IN_PERIOD_GET. To get last of month Use : RE_LAST_DAY_OF_MONTH HRVE_LAST_DAY_OF_MONTH LAST_DAY_OF_MONTHS ISB_PREVIOUS_PERIOD

Function module to get BOM which WOULD be created if I open a production

Is there a function module to get the BOM which WOULD be created if I open a production order? note that I don't have the produciton order created. I already tried with the FM CS_BOM_EXPL_MAT_V2 and CSAP_MAT_BOM_READ. I debuged the CO01, but I did no

Function module to get the cost estimate

Hi all while running the standard  costing run the cost estimate is stored in the table keko and keph.can anyone tell me whether is there any function module to get that cost estimate of a material  which is in released statusHi Check the following B

Function module to get customer balances

Hello , is there a FM to get customer balances?hi Sooness,   i am not sure but you can check with the BAPI: BAPI_AR_ACC_ GETKEYDATEBALANC E function module to get AR (customer balance).   and also have a look in the link below:

Functional module for Getting Material classification data.

Please tell me Functional module for Getting Material classification data like class type , class, characteristics and characteristics values for material.Dear, FM: CLAF_CLASSIFICATION_OF_OBJECTS Table KLAH Class Header Data - KSML Characteristics of

Function Module to get Recipes

Please let me know if there is any Function Module to get Recipes for a given product. Thanks in advance.hi, Check BAPI_CONTROL_RECIPE_GET_LIST   Read control recipe list                                                  BAPI_CONTROL_RECIPE_REQUEST   

Function module to get the file path in the system for TEMP folder

Hi All, Is there any function module that I can use to get the file path in the system for TEMP folder. I mean, i am supposed to give only TEMP as the input for that function module and I need to get the path of that in the system as the output. I am

Function module to get material characteristics and coresponding value

Hi experts,       I have got one problem...when we go to t code MM03..we select the views for a specific material for Basic Data1,Basic Data2 and classification we get the material description and its corresponding values... These

Function module to get due date by terms of payment

Hi, Is there any function module which can give me the due date when I pass 1) Terms of payment 2) Baseline date Read the terms of payment and use the properties of the terms of payment ( Like Fixed date )  to get to the due date. Thanks in advance.,

Any Function Module to get Service Conditions in Service Contracts???

Hi All, I have created a function module inside which I have written BDC code for changing Service Contracts (ME32K). I have used Item_condition and item_cond_validity structures in Table parameters. For changing the conditions related to services, I

Function module for getting stock details for a given period or date range

Hi experts,      Any function module available for getting stock details batch, plant, storage location, and period wise. <<removed_by_moderator>> Thanks in advance M Prasanna Edited by: Vijay Babu Dudla on Apr 28, 2009 7:23 AMHi, Try with thi

Function module to get GL statement

Hi... Is there any function module or BAPI to get GL statement ..... Thanks and Regards ..Ahsish Moderator message - Please do not ask the forum to do your work for you - post locked Edited by: Rob Burbank on Jun 1, 2009 10:29 AMThe next part is: LOO

BAPI or Function Module for getting Pending Purchase Orders Information

Dear Sir, We have input information comprising of  : List of Item Codes Plant WBS Element For this input data set , We want to know the list of Pending Purchase Orders information . To get the desired information , we are looking for the suitable  BA

Function Module to get Campaign Details

Hi, Can anyone tell me any FM or BAPI or a DB table to get the campaign details. Thanks LokeshHi, Apart from that two tables you can get the campaign Hierarchys from the Table CGPL_HIERARCHY. Function module CONVERSION_EXIT_CGPLP_INPUT helps to get G

Function module for getting information about position workflow

Hi, Version SRM 4. Only approval WF (workflow for position WS145000015), my customer needs a report with fields about approvers and times. We have implemented it mainly using the FM BBP_PDH_WFL_WI_FROM_OBJECT_GET and considering the task (WI_RH_TASK=

Function module to get material serial number status

Hi Gurus, How to get get material serial number status? Is there any function module? TCode IQ03 to display the serial number staus, but where i can find the status (AVLB / ESTO / ECUS) of these serial number ? Pls help. Regards, Sankaranhi, SELECT S