Function Module /BAPI for changing the components in Production order

We are in ECC5.0. We have requirement wherein we want to change /delete the existing component of the production order and add new component through RFC call from an external system. We tried to use CO_XT_COMPONENT_ADD FM for adding new components and when we tested this FM in SM37  with data there were no error messages . When we checked the Production order ,no changes were made to the production order component. Tried to use Commit statement and there is no change in the system behavior.Can some one help me to  understand the system behavior . If possible kindly suggest me some alternate FM/BAPI .
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Please check this link,

Function module/BAPI for executing VD51/VD52 transactions

Hi Warm greetings to all, I require a function module/BAPI for executing VD51/VD52 transactions. Can anyone help on this SreekanthHi Sreekanth, Use this. There is an FM which is used by standard transaction 'RV_CUSTOMER_MATERIAL_UPDATE' . Ex Code - C

Function module / BAPI for FBRA IN 3.1 VERSION?

Hello all, Could you please suggest Function module / BAPI for FBRA (Reverse and cancel) transaction in 3.1 version. Thanks, SubbaPlease check this FM perhaps it may help. CALL_FB08 REVERSE_CLEARING RESET_CLEARED_ITEMS_BDC_WRITE. Regards Kiran SureRe

Function module/BAPI for ATP Material

Hi All, Is there any function module/BAPI for ATP(Available-to-Promise check) for Material. 1) Production order from one plant 2) Scheduling agreement from another plant. Regards, Srinivas.Hi, you can use either of one below for ATP. BAPI_MATERIAL_AV

Question with function module / Bapi


WS_DELIVERY_UPDATE Function Module is not updating the Handling unit

Hi Experts, I am using the Function Module WS_DELIVERY_UPDATE  for PGI and packing outbond delivery . I am getting the PGI date , Route. but i am not getting the time in delivery field-WAUHR and i am getting the message 'Reqiured HU could not be foun

Replacement function modules/method for obsolete Funtion Modules in ECC 6.0

We are working on Upgrade Project and need your help in finding the replacement Function module/ Methods for following obsolete Function Modules:    1.   GET_FIELDTAB    2.   WS_EXCEL    3.  HR_DISPLAY_BASIC_LIST    4.  LOG_SYSTEM_GET_RFC_DESTINATION

Functional Module required for getting list of successful jobs

Hi All, There is one function module BP_JOB_SELECT which gives me name of unsuccessful job. Now I want to find the name of all successful job. Can anyone please tell me the function module name for that? Thanks in advance, Siddarth.You can use the sa

Can u tell me any predefined BAPI for change and creation of Material

Hi,     Can anybody tell me  predefined BAPI for change and creation of Materialmasterand Pricing? Thanks & regards, can use the BAPI to BAPI_MATERIAL_SAVEDATA create as well as to change material master. When changing material master da

Function module exits for Tcode MD11.

Please tell me, Function module exits for Tcode MD11. Reg . PrajuHi LMDR2001 LMDZU001 Try out these exits. Check the folloing BADI's MD_PLDORD_SCHEDULING MD_PIR_FLEX_CONS MD_PLDORD_SCHEDULING Regards DivyaRead other 2 answers

Function or bapi to upload the lead questionnaire to lead partner portal

hi all, Is there any function or bapi to upload the lead questionnaire that exists in the marketing leads-lead partner portal . The survey should get attached to the lead . I am able to create the lead though with the LDPO process by a function modul

How to create Billing Plan in sales order using Function module /BAPI

hi, How to create Billing Plan in sales order using Function module /BAPI i hv check few FM such BILLING_SCHEDULE_READ BILLING_SCHEDULE_GET_NUMBER BILLING_SCHEDULE_SAVE But unable to create billing plan for a sales order.....any other method to creat

Any function module to read all the values in Tcode-PPQD?

Hi all Is there any function module to read all the values in Tcode-PPQD (Display Qualifiaction Catalog). and any idea what tables are involved to get these values like parent and child relationship? Thanks in advance. Murali.Murali, you can use the

Function module need for 0fiscvarnt

Hi i have 0comp_code,budat and 0fiscper as a source fields,now i want to get 0fiscvarnt...please give me any logic or function module available for that thanksHi, Usually fiscal year variant is constant if not getting populated from source system. Ch

Committed Date For Components in Production Order

Dear All, I m facing this,  Committed Date For Components in Production Order, the date appeared as 31.12.9999, How can i make this correct. please tell me.. Thanks RaghuHi, Thnkx, You Are correct, I got this while doing Availability Check, 2 dates.

HT1040 I'm from united kingdom but iPhoto from america, how to change the country before i order them.

I'm from united kingdom but iPhoto from america and postage, post code, how to change the country before i order them?...i need post code from untied kingdom, i don't know how to change from zip code(USA) into post code (UK)?iPhoto Menu -> Preferenes

Can we restrict the partially confirmed production order from getting delet

Dear all, Can we restrict the partially confirmed production order from getting deleted? I.e. if the production order is having status PCNF then the deletion flag indicator (status DLFL) should not be allowed to set SmanS Edited by: SAP PP Consultant

Is there a function module or BAPI to change the field UVP03 in table VBUP

When certain conditions are in place I need to change the value of VBUP-UVP03 (items reserve status 3) to a value of C). there must be a FM or bapi to do this - thanks. ScottWe had to do this from a custom program that runs in a batch job.  It change

Data Services XI3.1 function module files for SAP R/3 is not working

Hi guys, Thank you for the quick response so far. I am very grateful to you all.  I got an issue and will try to explain as detail as I could and  hope ur guys won't mind. :P I pass the functions module to SAP tech guy to install to SAP using CTS  me

Function module going for DUMP

Hi ALL, I have import request and i got sucess .My 3 function modules are import to client system.2 FM are working properly but 1 function module is going for DUMP. When iam Executing this FM through SE37 F8 its running but iam not able to display or