FRM-47007: Cannot get parameter WUC_DATA attributtes from Parameters List

Hi ...
Where is the error ??


Hi Duncan..
Very strange , but , when change the password for the user Webutil raise the error "Cannot get parameter.." at once load the fmb, and recompiling (Ctrl+Shift+K) and the error it dissapears..
My installation is
Oracle 8.1.7 : In this DataBase am working , with the DBLink a Oracle9ir1 , in where are the package Webutil_DB.
S.O. = Windows 2000 Professional (Service Pack 2)
With Forms9i i connect to Oracle 8.1.7 ..
Very unusual...
And more, if i not connect to program , and change the password for the user WebUtil, next i connect to program , the error appears , i don't know....but the solutions is recompiling..
nice !!
Thanks Duncan..
PD : You are the great professional , i admire you...