Free Rescue n Recovery partition on external HDD

Fellow ThinkPad users,
I had created a Rescue and Recovery partition for my R51 on an external USB HDD.
Now I switched from the R51 to a T420 and would like to remove the old RnR partition (it's actually only a folder) from my external drive to free space (about 16 Gb from two backups), however, I can't delete it neither in windows nor in DOS nor with Cygwin (linux environment). I get the error message that permission is denied and that I need admin rights, but I am logged in as admin. I even tried on another PC, but no success.
Any ideas or suggestions for how I can remove this folder? 
Many  thanks!
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It's an NTFS permissions issue. You have to add yourself to the list of allowed users first, and then delete it. If in Windows, right-click on the folder, choose the "security" tab, under "Group and user names", click "Add", in the new window that opens type your login name into the "enter the object names" form, and click "check names" button to the right of it (which will change it to the right format). Click Ok. Now you should be able to go back to "security tab" and make sure you have "full control" in permissions. Now you should be able to delete the folder.