Forms6i and JavaBean

Can i use Bean Area in forms 6i in client-server or this is possible only in web server?


This possible only in Web versions because the 6i C/S runtime process is not a Java applet.

Comparison between Forms6i and Forms9i

We have some client/server-based applications built in Forms6i and are considering to convert/rebuild them into Forms9i or JDeveloper as web-based applications. Has anyone done any comparison between Forms6i and Forms9i/JDeveloper? Or, can you point

Bilingual support for forms6i and Reports6i

Hi We are planning to use Oracle Developer 6i with forms6i and reports6i for a Client server solution and deploy only the runtime on Sun Solaris Question: The users need multi-language support for the form labels and report headings etc.. However,the

Difference between ActiveX Controls and JavaBeans

Hi, I have just started programming Java Beans. Being from Microsoft background my first feel is that Java Beans are to Java what ActiveX is to Microsoft. Is this true? I hope that some of the gurus out there will be better able to explain. Thankx in

JSP and JavaBeans...

Hi, I have a JavaBean(class file) and iam able to use it,when i kept the filename.class in the "root_dir/webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/classes" directory and myJsp.jsp file in "root_dir/webapps/ROOT" directory. But not,when it is in the follwoi

Formulating CQL condition with table source and Javabean event

Hi, I was successful in creating a condition in CQL that compares 2 TIMESTAMP values between a table source and a Java bean. I did this by complying with the DATETIME SimpleDateFormat standard in the docs. But the the format doesn't include the milli

Forms6i and Beans

Hi, We had some problems implementing JavaBeans in our Forms 6i would appreciate it if anybody can send us more information for the topics mentioned below. -- Can JavaBeans be implemented in a client/server environment or does it only work in a three

Forms6i and c# libraries

Hi there I'd thank any clue to work from Forms6i with libraries written in C#. Doing short the history, we want to pass a card for a optical reader, loading then from the database to Forms6i the information referencing to the card's "key field".

Install forms6i and report 6i on Red Hat Linux Enterprise edition 4.0.2

Dear All we want to install forms 6i and reports 6i on Red Hat linux enterprise edition 4.0.2 if any person have step by step guide pl share with me Thankssuch an old forms version on Red Hat 4 ? Please check first, if this is certified by Oracle met


Whats the difference between these two???????JAVABEANS are diffrent name for JAVA CLASSES. EJB is an ENTERPRISE CALLS whcih for exmple can represent row in a DB table.Read other 3 answers

Express and javabean problems

///////////////////////////////index.jsp <body> <% java.util.Vector vector = new java.util.Vector();      vector.addElement("one"); vector.addElement("two");      vector.addElement("three"); vector.addElement("f

Oracle Forms6i and Netegrity

We use Siteminder SSO for authentication and after authentication the user the Siteminder will call our Oracle Application(Screen) but it has to use the same Oracle session which Siteminder has used for connection. Please let me know we two different

Forms6i and Oracle9i

Hi, every body Is it possible run forms6i applications against Oracle9i Database? Should I do any changes in my forms? Thanks in advanceHi, yes, you can do this, but it requires at least Patch 10. FrankRead other 2 answers

Forms6i and 9iAS

I would appreciate if anyone can share their experiences with running web enabled forms. We are considering developing mission critical application for 70 users in Oracle Forms, but we want to make sure this is the way to go. If you could tell me you

Numeric Keypad not working with Forms6i and Netscape4.7 with Linux ??

Hello everybody. trying to make things work, just found that can't make work numeric keypad while using Netscape 4.7 with forms in Linux. Does someone can help me?? Thanks in advance.. OxielThat's bizarre. I don't think there are any OS X settings th

Javabeans and EJB

hi I am new to EJB and i have not worked on javabeans... My question is very basic... what is the difference between javabeans and EJB other than EJB running on a container and javabeans in jvm? Thanks for your helpThat's it in a nutshell, isn't it?

Windows 2000 And Forms6i

Does anyone know how Forms6i and indeed any other of the Oracle suit of software perform and indeed work on Windows 2000? Thanks Andy McGoldrick [email protected]Hi, 0-what oracle home should I used? C:\oracle\ora92 or C:\oracle\OraHomeForm60i C:\ora

Troubles with attached libraries - Forms6i

I'm working with Forms6i ( I have some troubles with attached libraries. I have to modify an old forms project. All server elements are on the original server computer (database, sources, libraries , ect..). Now I installed on a new client

EJB vs JavaBean

Hi I'm new to EJB. I'd like to know wich are the main differences betwen EJBs and JavaBeans and when i should use EJBs instead of JavaBeans. thanks for your timeYou are right , ejb may be over kill for small application , since its inception, perform

URGENT:Migration of Forms5 to Forms6 & Reports3 to Reports6

Hi, We are planning to migrate from forms5 to forms6 and reports3 to reports6. My question is how to migrate all the FMBs of Forms5.0 to Forms6.0 FMBs & also reports3.0 rdf to reports6.0 rdf in ONE GO. Thanks of the great help in advance.Use ifcmp60.