Format issue for Number field in af:query. Is it an ADF Bug?

Requirement : Format DepartmentId in query panel
I have created a view criteria from Employees table (HR Schema). I have four view criteria items called EmployeeId, DepartmentId, Firstname, LastName and all the items having validation property as Selectively Required. DepartmentId attribute have UI Hints property as Format Type = Number and Format = *0000* and Auto Submit=true.
But in UI, I am not able to do search from af:Query panel. It works fine without setting UI Hints property Format Type* and Format
Step 1 : Enter 123 in DepartmentId field
Step 2 : Click Search Button
Error : Please provide a value for atleast one of the indicated fields
Error Screen :
Please check the below link for downloading the sample application ( SVN version)
JDev Version :
I am using ADF BC and ADF Faces Components
Any recommendations fully appreciated
Dinil Mithra
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Please find the metadata for VO attribute and View Criteria

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