Font is smaller when I print or export to PDF

Dear all,
I have a strange problem when I try to print or export to pdf my .pages document.
I use FontAwesome.otf in order to have some nice icons but when I print the document this icons are smaller then the document.
I also try to make them bigger but they get reduce anyway.
Screenshot from the pages document
Screenshot from the printed or exported pdf
Any suggestion is more then welcome, thank you!


To install fontawesome you simply download the kit from this link. Once you unzipped the file you will find the .otf font inside the folder 'font'. Then simply drag and drop the font inside your fontbook.
To insert an icon in pages you simply copy and paste it from the cheatsheet. Remember to change the font to FontAwesome in the Format > Text panel otherwise you would not see the character.
Hope it helps!

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