Flash workflow/animation principles

Anybody got a good workflow book or article for flash
projects? Also a reference to good principles of flash animation in
general would be good.


There are a couple of things that you can do. While you may
not know the server path, you DO know enough things to have the SWF
You will always know where the FLV is in relation to the SWF,
you must, or else you cannot ever make this work. With this
information, you can use relative paths to link to the FLV. The
relative path will, by default, start at the location where the SWF
is on the server.
In the SWF, you link the video as: "videos/myVid.flv"
This SWF will look, starting from its own location, into a
folder called "videos" for the file "myVid.flv"
But, I must stress, while relative paths work, an absolute
URL is always better (in my opinion). If you know what the path to
your SWF is going to be, regardless of server, you can construct an
absolute path.
We do this all the time where I work. As we have more than
400 locations across the country, we send the files we build out to
a server at each location. We know where the files are in relation
to the root of the server. So we open a new LocalConnection
instance, and grab the IP property to get the server path, then
build an absolute path as follows: "
- where "myIP" is the ip address of the server, "pathToSwf" is the
path on the server where the SWF is, "pathToFLV" is the path to the
FLV from where the SWF is, and "myVideo.flv" is the video. But,
this can only be done where you know the location of your files on
the server. If you don't know this, then you have to use the
relative paths detailed above.

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