Flash CS3 FlvPlayback Skin Stop Button is working as pause

     I am using the skin for FlvPlayback player I have selected the sking from given list of skin.
     The issue is When I select the skin which is having Stop Button, Stop Button is not stopping the video is it just pause the video and after click of play button it should start from begining of the video which is expected bevhaviour of Stop button.
    any one can help me to resolve this issue.
Thanks in advance.


Yup, that is how it works. You can't control which state a button is in. So when you click on it, it will go to the down state and when you let go it will go back to over (or up if you release outside).
Not sure exactly what the "fix" is. It depends upon what you are trying to do. Generally you would need to use MovieClips instead of buttons with event handlers to tell you "button" what to do. Very few people I know actually use buttons.