Finding data in a datasource/ Business Content Query

can you help me with this one -- background to this problem is shown below:
No data was found in my infocube so I went o R3 to see if the datasource had any data in it by running rsa3 but found no datasource 2LIS_02_S012, although rsa5 shows that it exists. What could be happening?
Also, how do I see the queries which come with the InfoCube? When I go into BEx, I see the dimensions to create my own queries, but where are the ones which comes with the Business content for me to use?
Background to Questions----
I was experimenting with an MM InfoCube 0PUR_C01, and my research indicated that the datasource which supplies this this infocube with data is 2LIS_02_S012. The notes on this datasource indicates it could be extracted as a standard extraction or LO. I did standard, rsa5, rsa6, etc...replicated in BW, etc.
I later created and InfoCube zpur_c01 and copied from 0pur_co1, etc. ...then later created and infopackage and loaded data into the InfoCube for the purposes of reporting.


Hi Caud,
To answer your first question.
- The datasource 2lis_02_s012 that you have seen in rsa5 is in the delivered version you need to transfer this into the active version. Select the datasource in rsa5 and click the transfer datasource button. After you have done this you will see the datasource in rsa6.
Also since this datasource is a Logistics Info Structure the LIS reporting should have been activated and in use.
For your second question
- If you have already identified a standard business content query that you want to use through the metadata repository, you can activate the report through the business content tab in rsa1.
Hope this helps.

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