Final Cut Pro version 10.1.1 won't open.

Hi All. My Final Cut Pro version 10.1.1 won't open at all. I am on mavericks. Having read quite a few threads, I have trashed preferences and also reinstalled the software but no joy. The screen flashes up with "Final Cut Pro can't be opened - error -1712" Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


cjstuartsmith wrote:
I can never get past the stage of the Final Cut App logo bouncing on my desktop. The only options I have available is to force quit as the "application is not responding" 
It's possible the alias in the Dock is corrupted.
Drag that icon off the Dock and let it go on a blank area of the Deasktop. Poof, it should be gone.
Go to the Applications folder and drag the FCP X icon into the Dock or start FCP X from the Application folder.
Trashing the Preferences as suggested may help.
Also use Disc Utitlity and repair permissions.