File Adapter inserting New Line

All -
I'm stuck on this one.  Would anyone know why the File adapter would insert a New Line at the beginning of my file?  The file is output correctly with the exception of a blank line at the very beginning of the file.
Are there any conversion parameters I need to supply for the receiver file adapter?  I currently have:
data.endSeparator = 'nl'
data.fieldFixedLenths = 30,30,15,3
data.fieldNames = F1,F2,F3,F4
data.fixedLengthTooShortHandling = Cut


Ok, found the issue!
The File Adapter is configured as FTP and when the file is FTP'd to the target directory and viewed using Internet Explorer, a carriage return/line feed is added to the beginnig of the file.  When I FTP the file from the remote directory to my local directory and then view the file, it's fine.  Not sure why Internet Explorer changes the formatting of the file.
Bottom line - the remote file is fine.