Faulty Creative Zen Vision

Hi, first of all i would like to thank anyone who replies to my post. I li've in England, my uncle managed to buy me a Zen vision m and ship it over from Singapore for Christmas. It has been working fine up until now. It froze one evening while playing music, not anything special. Unable to do anything I reset it. It then booted up again however it could not play any music. It was as if it was trying to read off the hardri've. It then eventually froze up again. Now when i try to reset all i am left with is a blank screen (nothing on) and the blue power light on. I tried to let the battery run dry and then see what happens when charging it but it still is the same. The blue light remains without the screen turned on. After reading various topics I have tried to acess recovery mode however nothing happens. It still remains the same. I believe that my uncle still has the receipt. Can anyone recommend to me what i should do? I have no problem sending it back to Singapore, if that is the case. I have had it for less than a month. If it is faulty am I entitled to echange it for another one?
Thanks for any help.


You might go ahead and contact support in your region as well. They may be able to handle it through a local facility rather than shipping it back to Singapore. But only they will be able to confirm. They carry the model, so they may be able to do it. Just have your uncle fax a copy of the receipt or something?

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