Failed text when in same room!  also "object" message instead of text

When I reply to my friend, she gets a message that only says "object."  She does not receive my actual text.  It seems to happen mostly when I reply to her; not when I initiate a text to her.
Also, another friend has a Verizon phone.  He has been in the same room with me, sends me a text, and I NEVER receive it.  EVER.  We have to communicate through email, FB inbox, or just call each other.  He receives my texts, but I never receive his.
My phone is a Moto X.
Please help! Thanks!


Oh wow! I can imagine what a pain that is! Let's see what we can do to figure this out. Are you using the stock messaging app? We can try to reset the application to see if that will help. Those steps can be seen here Does this happen with all numbers? Have you recently made the change from an Apple to Droid device by chance? Give that step a shot and keep us updated.
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