Fail to sftp to Router/Switch for remote IOS/config upgrade

I have ssh2 enabled on a cisco3750 & 7204 running IOS 12.2 & 12.4 respectively both with "ip scp server enable" configured, the idea being to sftp configs & IOS down to them. I can open a V2 ssh session to each device no problem. When I attempt to use an sftp client (Putty/SecureFX) to do the file transfer the router/switch appears to authenticate OK but then the session is disconnected. I have logging & ssh/scp debug enabled on each cisco box and attempt to open the sftp connection. In each case the authentication (using same credentials as for SSH2 session) is successful but then the connection just closes. Can anyone help?


They don't make it real clear, but what you actually do is source from the router/switch. From the router/switch, you connect to a server that supports SCP and pull the IOS down or push the config to the server. You use the normal copy commands, but specify scp instead of tftp or ftp.
Hope that helps.

Router/Switcher for G4/XP netwoork

Pardon my ignorance but I need to connect my G4 iMac with an XP box in a room directly below. I previously had a small D-Link router that burned up but I could only share internet, no files desoite file sharing being turned on. Is there a recomendati

Configure Time Capsule for remote access

I have a second generation 2TB Time Capsule, operating on Bridge Mode, connected to an Arris Touchstone Telephony Gateway TG862. I want to configure Back to My Mac to be able to access the Time Capsule remotely. I've followed the basic steps and get

New router (switched from Linksys to Netgear 750 - HP J4680 printer all in one - and MAC

My husband puchase a new router - (we were told our old router failed on us) - we had no problems setting up the netgear 750 from the linksys router we originally had - we have a MACBook Pro My HP printer J4680 - ran beautifully  before the router sw

Desperate help needed to configure WVC210 for remote access?

Hi, I'm new and desperately need some help on setting up my WVC210 for remote access. I manage to setup and see images from my WVC210 using my home LAN via both wired and also wireless. I have 2 questions: (a) for wireless connection, i only manage t

VRF-Aware IPSec for Remote Access

Dear All, Has anyone successfully implemented VRF-Aware IPSec for Remote Access ? I am trying to implement this feature on a PE which has MPLS enabled on the Internet facing interface. With the config below, I am being able to establish an IPSEc tunn

3845 router failing to look up routes from routing table correctly!

Hi all, Got a really strange issue which I am wondering if someone can point me in the right direction for. Facts of the issue: - Some customers, all with a specific ISP, cannot access a hosted service we host internally - External user can reach ser

Operations manager failed to run a wmi query for wmi events (0x800706ba)

Hi everyone, I've been working on this issue for a while and I am still no closer to finding out what the problem is.  If anybody can offer any other advice or things to check, I'm all ears. I'm running SCOM 2012 R2 with UR2, and the Cluster Manageme

Failed; 5.4.3 (routing server failure)

Hi, First time posting on here, I run Outlook 2013 on my pc and have had no issues, but for the last 24hrs one of the people Im emailing I keep getting back the following message "Failed; 5.4.3 (routing server failure)" is this a issue at my end

Modem and Router Switch off

Can I switch off both my Modem and Router at night, previously I was advised to keep my Router switched on 24/7 to maintain my speed, is this still the case with Infinity? Solved! Go to Solution.The modem on Infinity holds the connection so i would p

Rejecting IPSec tunnel: no matching crypto map entry for remote proxy on interface outside.

Hi, I have read a problem where the VPN between an ISP and ourselves started dropping sessions. I have rebuilt the crypto map and tried to dig deeper into my config and some basic troubleshooting while I await the ISP to respond. Any ideas? Thanks St

Import for remote control

If I install desktop management agent on our XP workstations will those clients get automatically registered, and imported upon login? The goal is to have workstations registered and imported in order to have them created for remote control. MikeTher

I deleted Bonjour, since I don't need it for remote printing.  Now I get the message " Airport Base Station has stopped working: and also a message saying APAgent.exe can't be found.  What to do??? Thanks.

I deleted Bonjour since I don't need it for remote printing.  Now on start-up I get the message: "Airport Base Station Agent has stopped working" and also message: "can't find APAgent.exe.:  Do I need AP Agent??  What to do??  Thanks. The A

Suggest me the Naxus Switch for our Datacenter

Dear Experts, Please suggest me the Naxus switches for our Data Center. Right now we are using  cisco 4500 series switches. Please give any link which shows benifits of Naxus switches. Regards,The product pages are a good start : Nexus 7000: http://w

Reset, hdd led etc. switches for MSI K9N6GM mobo

Can anyone tell me which of these (and the other HDD etc) connectors go to which pins?  Or tell me where I can find out?  There are three banks (I think that's them, they're in the usual place for these on other boards and there's nowhere else they c

How to Use synchronous RFC calls during test run for remote accesses

there is a Setting for the usage of RFC accesses from a tested system using eCATT. 'X' - Use asynchronous RFC calls during test run for remote accesses ' ' - Use synchronous RFC calls during test run for remote accesses I developed an eCATT as follow

ITunes not recognizing my iPhone for

I've been trying to get this remote app to work with no luck. I tunes doesnt recognize that I have the remote app I guess so its not showing up in iTunes which means there is no place to enter the code to pair my iPhone with iTunes. I have gone throu

Web-based API tool for remote edit videos

Hello, sorry for posting in a wrong place. I'm looking for an API for remote editing uploaded video files. Our website allows to record streams to MP4 file and storage them on our servers (mostly streamed games). Now I would like to edit this videos

Silent Uninstall Switch for FlashUtil32_11_4_402_278_ActiveX.exe

I know I can run 'FlashUtil32_11_4_402_278_ActiveX.exe' (found in 'C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash') manually, but I'd like to automate the removal process to avoid having the user click on anything.  (I want zero user interaction!) Are there any

Datasource: ORA-02019: connection description for remote database not found

Hi, I recently made the datasource to point to a new host, and using the EM console tested the connectivity to the datasource to be successful. Java code that refers to the DS is also the same as before that was working as only the connection string