Face Metadata accessible and/or can it be batch deleted?

Is there there a way access and/or batch delete "Face" data? Many of my old (pre-digital) photos are scanned from the originals in photo albums. I also have taken a digital photograph of each album page to keep in Aperture for reference. I don't want face detected on those photos (of album pages). It seems the faces (named or un-named) on these photos can only be deleted one at a time. I would like to be able to select all these photos (of album pages) and simply delete all faces. Is this possible?
On a related note, is it possible to display the named faces in a meta-data field (it appears not). Aperture seems to treat "face" meta-data as a special type of meta-data that isn't accessible. Please tell me that I am wrong!


I think my best option is to export the photos that I don't want to have Face data into a separate library, then delete them from my main library. At least they won't show up when I search Faces in my main library.
That looks like a good idea.
After you export the library with the unwanted "Faces", make a backup of the library. Then try to delete the Faces database inside. quit aperture, if it is running.
Crtl-click (or right click) the library with the Faces.
Select show Package contents.
in the window that opens, delete the folderĀ  Database/Faces/ und the file Database/apdb.Faces.db
Close the window. Launch aperture again on the modified library. all Faces should be gone.
Now delete the project with the unwnted faces from your main library and import theĀ  library without faces.
The Faces folder
The faces.db