Externally define VBAP-POSNR ORDERS IDOC

Iu2019ve tried using E1EDP02-ZEILE with qualifier 066 & 010 but SAP is still assigning the item number.  How can I externally define the sales order item number from the ORDERS IDOC?


I have got similar requirement - change numeration in Sales Order posnr position.
Exit above is ZXVEDU04. I have changed it allready. Because batch input table dxbdcdata didn't have VBAP-POSNR item, field was added.
Now after SO was created in VA03 I can saw my changed numeration position.
Problem is that VA03 after dbl click on other item that first and in condition tab I don't have require tax condion.
When I remove POSNR changes (then item numeration is one by one) all require tax fields are available.
Is there any other kind of method for this requirement ?
Really thanks.