External Monitors with MBP

Is it possible to connect two external monitors to the Macbook Pro at all?


Mirroring is not possible,even with the matrox adapter (and others like it). It will only turn your two displays into one "big" display.
However, Display port supports daisy chaining monitors. Unfortunately, OSX does not as of right now. Perhaps in the future it will.

External monitor with MBP. Non Apple monitor

Am about to purchase a new MBP and I believe I will be able to get a new Dell 24" monitor. question, I have read that many monitors periodically require Firmware upgrade to work at their best. For instance, there is a new update for the line of Dell

2 External Monitors with the T430s with Intel HD4000

I have read several multiple monitor threads but could not get a clear solution to this. Model: I have a T430s with Intel HD4000 graphics. Desired set up: 2 External Monitors + Lenovo LCD Problem: It seems that I can only drive one external monitor.

How to display 2560x1080 on external monitor from MBP or MBA?

Is there any way to make MBP 17 (Intel HD and nVidia GT graphics, SnowLeo) or MBA 13 (Mountain Lion) display 2560x1080 on external monitor (LG 29" ultrawide)? My MacPro with RadeonX1900 card (10.5.8) does it perfectly but I cannot find a way to get t

Using HP monitor with MBP 2012

I have MBP 2012 with the new Maverick OS installed.  Trying to add external monitor.  I bought HP IPS LED monitor and am using the Belkin mini display port to HDMI connector and an HDMI cord.  Monitor cannot find a signal.  I have rebooted my MBPHey

Audio & video via HDMI to an external monitor with lid closed.

I would like to run a Macbook Pro Retina (2014) with the lid closed and all video and audio via HDMI routed to an external monitor (Samsung Syncmaster from 2010). Is this possible? When I try this, no sound is transferred to the external monitor and

Two external monitors with macbook pro

attempting to use my MBP in clamshell mode with two external monitors.  Only thing I get is the same screen on both monitors.  I am also using VM Fusion running a windows xp interface.  Tried just mac software...same problem.  Won't set up as two sep

What is the best solution/product to connect 2 external monitors to MBP ?

Hi! 1. Can I use my MBP 13" (2011 i5) monitor as secondary when I connect an external one? 2. Which solution is the best to connect 2 external monitors to my MBP 13 2011 i5 ? Thanks!v470510c05 wrote: 1. Can I use my MBP 13" (2011 i5) monitor as

Monitor Keep Flashing after connecting External Monitor with HDMI to VGA Adapter

Dear Support, Here the case that i have connecting an External Monitor by HDMI to VGA Adapter.Once it connected, the monitor (Macbook) with keep flashing and no signal on the external monitor. Please help.Hi there BrianYip, You may find the troublesh

External monitor with ibook clamshell G3 (single USB)

Hello Everyone and salutations from the world of Medieval Mac! Well I finally broke down and bought an OSX machine. Since I have a 3 and 1 year old I was limited to a purchase price of 70 dollars so I got a clamshell G3/300mhz ibook off of ebay. Lo a

External Monitor with iTunes - iMac screen goes black

I have an iMac with iTunes 7.7/Leopard and an external VGA monitor (I use the standard Apple mini-DVI to VGA converter) then I use the external monitor to watch video from my iTunes library. All works well - I have my desktop spread over both monitor

Transcoding Problems & Use Of An External Monitor with FCE HD

My department is slowly making the change over to HDV and we have a few immediate concerns regarding FCE HD. When printing to video, its takes about 4-5 minutes to Transcode per 1 minute of footage. Is there any way to shorten or eliminate this time

New X220 support dual external monitors with mini dock plus?

Hi, I need to purchase a new Lenovo laptop in urgent. But we need to make sure it support dual display to two external monitors. (VGA) My question is: (1) we plan to purchase with mini dock plus, it have two HDMI port. can it support two external mon

Zwei externe Monitore an MBP 13" 2012?

Ist es möglich zwei externe Monitore an ein MBP 13" 2012 anzuschließen?Try going in System Preferences / Energy Saver and resetting to default. Might also want to ditch Chrome and delete it for awhile; it is generating too many warnings.Read other 2

External monitor with imac not working

Hello.I have problem with external monitor connected to my imac 27 via mini display port to vga connector. It was working perfectly but around month ago it suddenly stopped. It looks like my monitor doesn`t get any signal from imac, at least that`s w

External monitor on mbp exits sleep

Hi, when I sleep my mbp screen and external monitor both sleep.  When I come back to the room later the external monitor is powered on, this occurs daily. Does anybody know why this would occur and do you have any suggestions on how to prevent it tur

Can I use any external monitor with HDMI connection

Am I able to connect any external monitor from Dell or Samsung to my Mac Book Pro w/ Retina display (late 2013) via an HDMI connection ?YesRead other 2 answers

How to use external monitor with laptop closed

My external monitor goes to sleep when i close the Macbook Air lid.  How do i stop that from happening?Mac notebooks: How to use your computer in closed clamshell ...Read other 2 answers

Using an external monitor with my clamshell

Hi there, I was wondering if I can use an external monitor iwith my tangerine clamshell. If so, what adapters do I need to purchase. ThanksI don't think you are able to, the later (firewire) models had composite video out though which may or may not

How do I get full resolution on external monitor with MacBook Pro

Hi, I have an early 2011 MacBook Pro: https://support.apple.com/kb/sp620?locale=en_QA And it states I can run an external monitor at 2650x1600. I have bought a BenQ BL2710 which goes to 2650x1440: http://www.benq.com/product/monitor/bl2710pt/ I can o