External Editor Image Quality

As I understand matters from reading here and elsewhere before Lightroom exports an image to an external editor, say Capture NX or Fuji HV-C3, it first converts the image to a TIFF. This would be fine if you wanted the external editor's features. But my understanding, including from earlier threads on this forum, is that a reason to use an external editor is that for some photos a native converter does a better job (in sharpness, e.g.) than the Adobe converter. If this is right, then launching the external editor from Lightroom would defeat the purpose, right? If so, what a shame. I know it's possible to use the native editor first, then have Lightroom import, but that will be unnecessary for many images and I would rather work within Lightroom for all images including those few that need an external editor's conversion. Any ideas are welcome.


Thanks to both Jao and Don. I'm about to buy a Fuji S5 and most of the photos I take with it will go either in web portfolios or prints below 8 x 10" in size. From what I understand, Lightroom will handle the S5 pictures as well as Fuji's hyperutility software for this purpose as, from what I've read, the real advantage of the Fuji native software is in sharpness, not an issue on the web or in small prints. Occasionally, I will want to print up to 13 x 19 from the S5, and for these pictures, I'd care enough about sharpness to use the Fuji software as a converter. Assuming that my guess about my work process is right, I'll use Jao's suggestion, leaving the cumbersome Fuji software aside unless absolutely necessary. If it turns out, though, that I'm getting better results on all or most images in the Fuji software, then I'll use Don's method. Thanks again.

How can I force pages to update images to reflect changes made in external editor?

I have added a number of (psd if that's relevant) images to a Pages '09 document (drag & drop from Finder) which have since been updated in an external editor.  Pages is not reflecting these changes dynamically, even on closing and re-opening the doc

Images won't open in Adobe external editor

I can't get my images to open up in Photoshop eventhough it is set up as my external editor. When I select a picture to open with via the chosen external editor, a second version of my original is made within Aperture(with the external editor badge o

Aperture 1.5: External editor not bringing image back into Aperture?

Hi, I am running Aperture 1.5 and have Noise Ninja installed as my external editor. I can successfully send an image from my Aperture library to NN and edit it there, but when I save the image, it is not brought back into Aperture. Further, if I try

Help with resaving images once edited in External Editor

Using Aperture 1.5.3 and importing all my images in RAW from my Nikon D1. Imports all images just fine. When I open an image with External Editor I go to my copy of Photoshop CS2 with no problems. However, don't seem to be able to figure out how to s

Changing external editor in LR4

Hallo, Recently I have changed from CS4 to CS6. No when I open an image in LR4 and will do" edit in open as smart object", I can not select this option even the HDR or the pano option. In my external editor there is still edit in Photoshop CS4 i

Problem Opening Stills in External Editor

I am new to Final Cut, but I am trying to open a still in photoshop form the browser. I created a freeze frame still from the current video I am editing, and I have set the system setting for External Editor for stills to Photoshop. But when I right

Aperture - Edit with External Editor - Photoshop

Hi, I recently made my first attempt via Aperture to "Edit with External Editor" and in my case I have the preferences set to export to Photoshop CS4 Extended. The External Editor File Format (in preferences) selected is TIFF and as advised by A

Track new master after editing in external editor

We need an efficient mechanism for editing a master image in an external editor and have it replace the current LR master by stacking the new image transparently on top of the previous one. This new master should maintain all existing LR settings and

How to edit RAW in external editor (photoshop)

Aperture duplicates the version and gives me a psd file open in photoshop. What I want is the Adobe Camera Raw editor, that's why I shot it in raw in the first place. Any workaround other than pulling the master out of aperture and doing it manually?

I cannot get Elements to appear as an external editor when I am using Lightroom.

When I am using LR I can go to NIK as an external editor, but Elements is greyed out and will not let me add it as an external editor.After you click the choose button ensure you are selecting the app. Users sometimes select the alias by mistake, but

Can't edit pics in external editor

I can't open anything from my iPhoto library up in Photoshop. For instance, if I Control+click an image in iPhoto, I see that there is an option Edit in External Editor," but it's all un-clickable and gray rather than the normal clickable black. How

Editing with External Editors

Heya folks, a quick query as i suspect ive probably missed something, i have Pixelmator installed as a cheaper image editor with much of the functionality of Photoshop, and i want to use it as my external editor. How do i go about doing that? I go to

Why use an external editor?

I have done a search on this basic question, but everyone is at least one step ahead of me. I found lots of questions about using external editors, but none on why to use one if the first place. It's self-evident that the basic answer is to extend Ap

Problem Using Aperture as an External Editor

I'm having a problem using Aperture as an external editor for iPhoto. I've set preferences to "Edit in Aperture" and selected the Aperture application. When I click edit a photo in iPhoto, Aperture fires up as expected, but it does not load my p

Image quality reduced when scaled down on black background

I am trying to view two tracks at the same time so I have scaled them down. Once I rendered them, the quality was horrible and then I changed the background to checkerboard instead of black, which worked, but I would like a black background for viewi

HT1338 What is the best online storage for photos. Specifically one that allows the original image quality to be downloaded should your hard storage goes belly up

What is the best online storage for photos. Specifically one that allows the original image quality to be downloaded should your hard storage goes belly upI'd put them on an external hard drive(s) and burn them to a DVD as well (at least 2 - 3 copies

Opening with external editor always makes new version

i am a fine art figure photographer and portrait artist. almost every photo that i want to finish has to be round tripped to photoshop for retouching. in Aperture 1.5, i could select a photo, open in external editor (photoshop cs3), make my retouches

Suddenly renames  files edited with external editor

Not sure what I have done but now when I "edit file with..." (Photoshop CS5) using Aperture3 the version name is changed in Aperture.  Looking in PShop it is dislapying the correct masterfile name but on return to Aperture3 it is changing the ve

Photoshop not working as external editor

Hi, A couple of weeks ago a weird problem has started ocurring. Photoshop stopped working as an external editor. When I click Edit in Photoshop, Photoshop opens and it seems like it's trying to open the image but then nothing happens. It only works w