Exporting to Flash Issues

Okay, I have done EVERYTHING I can think of to get the export
to Flash to work with Captivate. However, I am at a loss now. I
keep getting this really weird error message: "Windows cannot find
'#$^&\Flash.exe.' Make sure you typed the name correctly, and
then try again." Does ANYONE know what I am doing wrong???
I already followed the directions provided in an adobe
article. Just FYI.


If I can just step in here for a moment... You must have
Flash installed on your computer; not just any Flash but
1) the full program for creating and editing Flash objects,
2) the right version for compatibility with the version of
Captivate you are running. With that in mind, the Flash Player
isn't what it is looking for (with all respect to you, Andrew).
If you have Captivate 1, it is looking for the executable
file for Flash 2004MX, and for Captivate 2 or 3, it is looking for
Flash 8 (or CS3 will do also).
If you do not have the proper version of Flash, Liz, that is
the problem. If you do have the right version installed, you might
have to re-install. It may be looking in the default folder and you
have it installed elsewhere, or when you installed Captivate 3, it
might have missed that install, so it couldn't provide the link it
needs to open Flash when you export from Captivate.
Try this before pulling out your hair:
1) Check to make sure you have the right version of Flash
(see above)
2) If you do, open it, then open a "New Flash Document", then
go to "File > Import > to Stage" (and be sure you have the
*.CP file-type selected in the Import navigator).
Have a good one!

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