Exporting and Importing Destination Controls Error

When I export table within destination control and import the table to another Ironport again within destination control I receive error - "Wrong format of the destination config file: ip_sort_pref is required for the global settings."
We are updating the ASYNC on each of our de clustered Ironport.  So when one is not in use we need the other to handle all the traffic, including domain controls.
The output displays
max_host_concurrency = 500
limit_apply = system
limit_type = host
max_messages_per_connection = 50 ......
How can I import this without losing or altering the data within.
We upgrade one of our SMTP ASYNC to 8.0.1 which creates a additional line within default of the upgraded Ironport exported control destination table that is named... wait for it.... ip_sort_pref. Just add it.


The applications and drivers have been imported into the Dev SCCM server however I cannot find the actual content so I am not sure this has worked properly. 
When you exported did you choose to "Export all content for selected task sequence and dependencies".
80070003 = The system cannot find the path specified.
See here for exporting and importing task sequences
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