Exception in BEX Query Designer 7.10 when restricting dataprovider in filte

when I build a query in the Query Designer 7.10 and try to restrict the infoprovider in the filter
to access a mulitprovider I get the exception:
"Unhandled exception has occurred in your application.....
Index was out of range........"
Our System:
Windows XP Servicepack 2
.Net 2.0 Serivcepack 1
Office 2003
SAP GUI 7.10 Patchlevel 9
BI Addon + Serivcepack 7
BW 3.5 Addon + Servicepack 4
Netweaver 7.00 packagelevel 11
Has anybody seen the same erro or a oss note which fixes this problem?
Regards, Lars.


I have not encountered this problem in the last days. We have made an upgrade
in the support package level from 11 to 16 for Netweaver Basis and 12 to 18 for
Netweaver BI. Sometimes there can arise problems when the support package level
of the Application Server is to low in comparision to the SAP GUI.
Maybe this was the problem. I am not sure.
I would advise you to install the latest upgrades of your SAP GUI and keep the application
server on a high support package level.
Sorry, I can't give any other hint.
Regards, Lars.