Error while scheduling report for SAP users

Hi All,
We have SAP authentication enabled in our BO environment. (BO XI 3.1 sp2 FP 2.6 on windows 2003 server).
There are some webi reports based on BW Bex queries that we are trying to run on behalf of certain SAP end users. This we are doing using "schedule for" option.
Now what is happening here is if the end user has logged in once in BO system ,it runs fine. But in case user has not logged in to BO (using infoview etc.) ,it throws error saying "incomplete logon data" . Also if user changes or reset his password in BW and if he doesn't login to infoview after that ,system throws another error "Name or password incorrect (repeat logon)".
Based on these observation, we are suspecting if BO system uses stored SAP users credentials while scheduling report for them based on their last login.
Would like to mention here that we have checked option "automatically import users".
Please advice if this behavior is normal or we are missing some setting.
Thanks in advance,


Hi All,
Any pointers or suggestions for this issue ??
Is there a setting/option avialable in CMC which could resolve these errors.
Or, user has to login once to infoview in all circumstances to avoid these errors.

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