ERROR when Trying to Create Support Message in Satillite system

I have configured Service Desk in solution manager, when i try to send a Support Message(Help ->Create Support Message) from satillite system to Solution Manager i got this ERROR msg. "Error in local message system; message 000000000001 not complete".
Help me to sort out this.....


Hey ...I had a same problem last week...
I'm unable copy the Weblog / upload the document ...Any way follow below steps.
1)Go To Transaction CodeĀ  SPPFCADM in Solution manager
select DNO_NOTIF and click on 'Define action profile and actions
Select action profile 'SLFN0001_STANDARD_DNO'
2)choose action definition 'SLFN0001_STANDARD_DNO_CRM' and click on
the processing types
3)delete the container expression ITEM_PRODUCT_ID
Refer SAP Note 1011376
Hope this helps you.